Custom Made Business Apps

Powered By Microsoft 365

PowerApps, a component of Microsoft 365, empowers businesses to build custom applications tailored to their specific needs without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

Leveraging the robust infrastructure of Microsoft 365, PowerApps enables seamless integration with various Microsoft services, enhancing productivity and streamlining business processes.

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Made Just for You

At Texas Technician, we embrace the 'Made Just for You' philosophy in our PowerApps development, ensuring each application is not just a tool, but a custom-fit solution intricately designed to enhance and streamline your specific organizational workflows. 

By choosing us, you gain bespoke applications that are tailor-made to meet your unique business needs, providing efficiency and a competitive edge in your industry.

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Our Development Process​

Initial Consultation

We begin with a one-on-one consultation to understand your vision and how a custom PowerApp can drive your business forward.

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Requirements Gathering

This step involves a deep dive into your specific needs and goals, ensuring the app we develop aligns perfectly with your business processes.


We present a detailed proposal outlining the scope, timeline, and cost, ensuring transparency and alignment with your expectations.

Customer Acceptance

Upon your approval of the proposal, we set the project in motion, marking the start of a transformative journey for your business.


Our design phase translates your requirements into a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, setting the foundation for your custom app.


We develop a functional prototype, giving you a tangible feel of the app’s flow and features, ensuring it meets your business needs.


This phase is where we bring your app to life, coding and configuring it to function flawlessly across required platforms.

Customer Updates

Regular updates are provided to keep you in the loop, ensuring the development aligns continuously with your vision.


In this crucial phase, we hand over the reins to you for testing. 

Your team's hands-on experience with the app is invaluable for identifying any specific adjustments needed, ensuring the app aligns perfectly with your business processes.

Feedback & Refinement

Your feedback is the cornerstone of this phase. 

Based on your insights and observations, we refine the app, tailoring it to fit your exact requirements and enhancing its functionality to meet your expectations.

Documentation & Deployment

We prepare comprehensive documentation for ease of use and deploy the app, ensuring it integrates smoothly into your existing systems.


The exciting moment when your app goes live, ready to transform your business operations and user engagement.

Two Months of Free Support

After your app goes live, we offer two months of complimentary support. 

This includes addressing any queries you might have and swiftly resolving any bugs, ensuring your app operates flawlessly.

Enhancement and Support Agreement

Our service agreements are designed to provide long-term peace of mind. 

They include ongoing bug fixes at no extra cost, along with a predetermined number of hours for any revisions or new features you might request. 

This ensures your app continues to evolve with your business needs.

PowerApps Enhancement and Support Agreement

Ongoing Bug Fixes: Keep your PowerApp running smoothly with continuous, cost-included bug resolution.

Annual Revisions & New Features: Benefit from a set number of hours each year for app updates or new functionalities, ensuring your PowerApp evolves with your business.

Continuous Alignment: Our agreement guarantees that your PowerApp remains efficient and in sync with your changing business needs.

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From PowerApps to Full IT Support: 

Your Journey with Texas Technician

Embarking on a PowerApps project with Texas Technician is just the beginning of a journey into a world of tailored IT solutions. Our 'Made Just for You' philosophy, demonstrated in our custom app development, extends to a full spectrum of IT services designed to support and enhance your business operations. Beyond the realm of app creation, we stand ready to address all your technology needs.

Our Managed IT Services are an integral part of the holistic support we offer. From ensuring your systems are robust and secure to managing your Microsoft 365 suite, we provide the expertise and attention to detail your business deserves. Our team is committed to delivering top-tier IT services, including proactive device monitoring, remote support, and robust malware protection.

In choosing Texas Technician, you're not just getting an app developer; you're gaining a dedicated IT partner. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that every aspect of your IT infrastructure receives the same level of care and excellence as your PowerApps solution. Let us take the helm of your IT needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Managed IT Services

"We Manage IT Complexity, You Pursue Business Success"

Help-Desk Support

Call, text, email, or use the customer portal.  We are here to support you.

Off-Site Backups

Your Synology NAS is backed up to Synology's C2 Cloud Storage.

Password Manager

We provide you with a dedicated encrypted password manager.

Device Monitoring & Remote Support

We continuously monitor your devices.   
To provide proactive, rather than reactive, service.
And remote into your PC when support is requested.

"Services in Seconds"

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

As part of the contract, we may offer certain hardware as part of the contract.
This is done for ease-of-management.  Hardware owned and maintained by us is our responsibility.  You always have the option to simply purchase the hardware.  But any repairs become your responsibility.  Typically our HaaS is limited to Networking equipment & your Synology NAS.

Bare-Metal Backups | Disaster Recovery

Your devices are backed up to a dedicated Synology NAS.  We restore your data in the event of a catastrophe.

Malware Protection

SentinalOne, keeps your devices safe and secure.  Microsoft Defender keeps your Microsoft 365 Tenant safe. 

Microsoft 365 Management & Licensing

Cloud is king.  And Microsoft is the king of the cloud.  We offer full management of your Microsoft 365 tenant.  

Includes: Custom Business Email (, Office Apps, Power Platform, SharePoint and more.

Third-Party Liaison

We streamline communication between our customers and third-party IT vendors, handling all technical discussions and coordination so you don't have to. "We talk tech to the nerds, so you don't have to."

Network Administration

Network Administration involves managing and maintaining computer networks, ensuring reliable connectivity and optimal performance. It includes tasks like configuring network hardware, monitoring system performance, and troubleshooting connectivity issues.

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With our support, you get more than just solutions; you get a partner dedicated to your business's success.

Andrew Boy Valenzuela • Owner of Texas Technician

Premium Hardware,

Premium Warranties

Our Selection: Only the Best in Hardware, Ensured by Comprehensive Manufacturer Warranties

Carbon Systems Computers

3-Year Warranty

Built for Business

Domain Join Ready

No Bloatware

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We install, integrate, cusomize & mangage Odoo ERP.

Odoo, an app for everything

Odoo is a versatile, open-source business management platform that offers a wide range of applications, from CRM and eCommerce to Accounting and Inventory Management. Its modular design allows businesses to customize and scale their setup as needed. 

A standout feature of Odoo is its multi-company and multi-website capabilities, enabling seamless management of diverse business operations and multiple eCommerce sites within a single integrated environment. 

Odoo is customizable.  If there isn't an Odoo app which fits your unique needs.  Texas Technician will build one for you.

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Odoo Community

Odoo Community Edition is a free, open-source version of Odoo, offering essential business applications like CRM, eCommerce, and project management. It's ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, providing a customizable platform that grows with their needs. The open-source nature allows for extensive modifications, making it a flexible choice for companies with specific requirements.

The software's development and support are driven by a global community of contributors who continuously improve its features and offer assistance. While the Community Edition includes a robust set of tools, it may lack some advanced functionalities and official support found in the Enterprise version, making it more suited for organizations with technical expertise or those open to third-party support.

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Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise Edition is the advanced version of Odoo, tailored for larger businesses seeking a comprehensive array of applications, including specialized modules for inventory, manufacturing, and quality management. This edition is built for scalability, accommodating complex business processes with its extensive customization and integration options.

For subscribers, the Enterprise Edition ensures access to the latest updates and features, keeping your business systems at the forefront of efficiency and innovation. This version also includes exclusive access to mobile app interfaces and extra usability improvements, making it a suitable choice for organizations looking for a fully supported, all-in-one business management solution.

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